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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification Exam

Questions for Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900 Exam. Answers with explanations are at the bottom. Microsoft Azure cloud services MCQ questions and answers (pdf download will provide). You can take the ms azure az-900 sample test for fundamental certification.

1. You need to predict future behavior based on previous actions. Which product option should you eliminate as a candidate?

a. Azure Machine Learning

b. Azure Bot Service

c. Azure Cognitive Services

2. You need to identify the content of product images to automatically create alt tags for images formatted properly. Which production option is the best candidate?

a. Azure Cognitive Services

b. Azure Bot Service

c. Azure Machine Learning

3. Which service lacks features to assign individual developers tasks to work on?

a. Github

b. Azure Pipelines

c. Azure Boards

4. Which service provides official outage root cause analyses (RCAs) for Azure incidents?

a. Azure Advisor

b. Azure Monitor

c. Azure Service Health

5. As an administrator, you need to retrieve the IP address from a particular VM by using Bash. Which of the following tools should you use?

a. The Azure Portal

b. Azure PowerShell

c. ARM templates

d. The Azure CLI

6. A company wants to build a new voting kiosk for sales to governments around the world. Which IoT technologies should the company choose to ensure the highest degree of security?

a. IoT Hub

b. IoT central

c. Azure Sphere

7. Your team has limited experience with writing custom code, but it sees tremendous value in automating several important business processes. Which of the following options is your team’s best option?

a. Azure Functions

b. Azure LogicApps

8. You want to orchestrate a workflow by using APIs from several well-known services. Which is the best option for this scenario?

a. Azure Functions

b. Azure LogicApps

9. A company wants to quickly manage its individual IoT devices by using a web-based user interface. Which IoT technology should it choose?

a. IoT Hub

b. IoT Central

c. Azure Sphere

10. You need to create a human-computer interface that uses natural language to answer customer questions. Which product option should you eliminate as a candidate?

a. Azure Bot Service

b. Azure Cognitive Service

c. Azure Machine Learning

Here are the correct answers with explanation:

  1. b. Azure Bot Service will not help with prediction. It should be eliminated as a candidate.

  2. a. Azure Cognitive Services includes Vision services that can identify the content of an image. Azure Cognitive Services is the best candidate.

  3. b. Azure Pipelines is a CI/CD tool for building an automated toolchain. It lacks features to assign tasks for individual developers to work on. However